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Bunker puts you in the shoes (or wheels to be precise) of a small robot, stationed by DynamoLight Industries to help the scientists working in a top secret military bunker somewhere in the States (south of Salt Lake City, along the I-15).

Everything was going well until that fateful night when the bunker's reactor malfunctioned and killed everyone inside. To quote DynamoLight: "It was a horrible display of incompetency and we hope to avoid such accidents in the future".

Everyone, that is, except for the robots stationed within. Now, for some unknown reason, your operating system reboots itself and you awaken deep inside the bunker's depths.

What happens next is up to you. Will you escape and find out what happened in this place or merely fade away like most of the other technologies in this irradiated tomb?

A World of Technology

While the humans were killed in the blast, the things they were working on were left intact. Most of them are useless junk but some will prove quite useful on your journey. You might even be able to find some weapons that DynamoLight had sent the scientists. "It's for their own protection" they said. 

Over and Under

As you can imagine, the blast from the reactor wasn't kind to the bunker. Elevators not working, doors not opening and even a collapsed ceiling here and there will all prevent you from proceeding so you'll have to use your smarts to find your way around. If that fails, you can always try your luck with the Rocket Launcher.

Kill, Kill, Kill

You aren't the only one who survived the blast. Many of the facility's security bots have also awakened and will do everything they can to protect the bunker's nonexistent human inhabitants from hostiles. Even from you. 

Fortunately it's pretty easy to convince them to let you pass, especially if you've got the Machine Gun to back your arguments up.


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